Kimberly Feagans, BA, CKP, CWK

Kimberly is a native of Albuquerque who has been interested and involved in natural healing for most of her life. After healing herself of several life-threatening conditions, with the help of Kinesiology and several natural and integrative practitioners and practices, she knew it was her destiny to help others on their path to total wellness.

In 2000 she became a Certified Kinesionics Practitioner studying with KP Khalsa, the founder of Kinesionics. Recently she has attained her Certification in Wholistic Kinesiology, studying with Dr. J Dunn, the founder of “Wholistic Kinesiology.” She was Dr. Dunn’s assistant for over a year. Recently she has undergone extensive and advanced training in the new, exciting, and revolutionary field of Epigenetics and Methylation, which is making “all the difference” for her clients.

What is Epigenetics and Methylation?

Your DNA is what makes you who you are. It determines what you look like, your abilities, and how you will grow and change. Until recently, it was thought that DNA was unchangeable, but scientists have recently discovered that we have the potential to change how our genes express themselves.

Epigenetics studies how lifestyle, environment, and the mind can impact your body chemistry, changing how cells read and signal our genes. It is the alteration of genetic expression from influences outside the gene.

How can we create more control over this process?

  • Diet
  • Perception of Environment
  • Stress Reactions
  • Trauma
  • Exercise
  • Environmental Toxins

Diet plays a huge role in Gene Expression. Scientists are finding that various compounds can turn gene functions on and off. Various compounds from natural foods, such as, vegetables, fish and meats, nuts, and other foods like alcohol and sugar can have immediate and drastic effects on our genes.

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us change our perceptions. Our thoughts and perceptions affect our brain chemistry, which means our beliefs, right now and over time, can affect our gene expression.

One part of our perception is our stress response. Stress causes over 500 biochemical events, and while this serves us well in life-threatening emergencies, in everyday life, constant stress leaves us in a constant chemical and hormonal imbalance. Combined with a serious trauma, it can have a permanent and lasting effect on our genes and those of our children.

Epigenetics generally occurs through methylation. Methylation is when three hydrogens and a carbon (a methyl group) are attached to DNA. Studies are finding that the role of exercise in methylation has great potential in shaping genetic expression. It has also been found that many environmental toxins have a detrimental effect in epigenetics.

“We can no longer argue whether genes or environment has a greater impact on our
health and development, because both ore inextricably linked.” – Randy Jirtle, Ph.D.

When looking at what factors affect DNA expression, epigenetics implies that a healthy lifestyle is fundamental – not optional – to having a great quality of life. The ability to have control over how our genes express themselves is a monumental step toward creating a healthy lifestyle ourselves.

Epigenetics is so new and complex that we are only just beginning to understand what this new perspective in science will mean for us. One thing is clear: how we live and our environment plays a huge role in our gene expression. Maybe you don’t have to endure the same health challenges as your parents and perhaps your children won’t either.

Take a look at your lifestyle and beliefs. Identify the changes that will make the most impact in your life.

Diet and nutrition – Try upgrading your diet to natural foods, supplements, and pure water.

Exercise – It’s time to move it. In no universe is it better to not exercise.

De-stress and think positive – Now that you know brain chemistry has an effect, what will you do? Adjusting perceptions of the world and your response to it is a tall order, but is achievable-and necessary-for the mind to truly release stress triggers.

Detox your environment – Control what you can control through being discerning with what you buy, how you dispose of waste, what you put on your skin, and how you live. We are all connected.

Remember that Belief reinforces Action which reinforces Belief, and that cycle can have a huge impact on your quality of life and health.



Using your genome file generated through AncestryDNA I will help you transfer it into an in depth report at I will interpret this report and use it to help to provide you with the most optimal nutritional program available today!

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FIT Bodywrap System

FIT Bodywrap is a dual action system used to increase weight loss, detoxify the body, and lessen chronic pain. Using far infrared heat, the FIT Bodywrap system breaks down stored fat and converts it into fatty acids that are used by your muscles for energy. When used with the FIT Booster spray, your body has to work harder to produce sweat, burning more calories and increasing the detoxification process.


The FIT Bodywrap system has been scientifically shown to help with:

  • Weight loss, increased metabolism, cardiovascular conditioning, and the reduction of cellulite.
  • Detoxification of fat and fat soluble toxins, acids, salts, and heavy metals providing relief from conditions such as colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, autism, ADD and ADHD.
  • Removing and preventing unwanted viruses, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity.
  • Chronic pain conditions, including: arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, DJD, TMJ, low back pain, soft tissue injuries, wound healing, carpel tunnel, bursitis, fractures, Raynaud’s syndrome, and brain contusions.
  • Relaxation and stress release.

 Relaxing in the FIT Bodywrap System

The FIT Bodywrap system works by making you sweat. It’s that simple! Most people do not sweat enough. Sweating not only cools the body down, it also acts as the body’s garbage disposal, removing toxins from your system. You can expect to produce over 2 pints of sweat during your FIT Bodywrap session. This sweat will have a concentration of 15-20% toxins, unlike sweat from a traditional 1-hour cardio workout, which will have a concentration of 3-5%.

Sweating can draw out lactic acid, which can cause stiff muscles and contributes to general fatigue. It can flush out toxic materials and heavy metals that would normally take your kidneys much longer to eliminate.

FIT Bodywrap could be the most vigorous activity you’ll have today and you’ll feel amazing when you’re done! The FIT Bodywrap system creates an artificial “fever” which causes your organs to jump into action. Your heart rate will increase and your inner organs will become as active as if you were jogging or swimming, all while you relax in the FIT Body Coat.

The FIT Coat is an important part of the FIT Bodywrap System.


*FIT Bodywrap should not be used by those who are pregnant, have a pace maker, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or skin rash. If you are under a doctor’s care, please consult your physician before using the FIT Bodywrap.